Thursday, June 09, 2005


If we are going to start a war, we should be able to see what it looks like:

The reality of war.
copyrighted photo

11/14/2004 Iraqi nurse checks child who lost a leg in fightings in Falluja. An Iraqi nurse treats 2 year-old child Mustafa Adnan, at a Baghdad hospital, who lost a leg when his house in Falluja's Jolan district was shelled during fightings between U.S. forces and rebel fighters in the war-torn city November 14, 2004. U.S. tanks shelled and machine-gunned rebels still holding out in Falluja Sunday in heavy fighting that was preventing an Iraqi Red Crescent convoy from getting aid to civilians trapped in the city for six days. (Ali Jasim / Reuters)

I'm not sure where this photo appeared, but the photographer risks his life daily to document a war with vast suffering. We should be able to look at his work. Our work. Bloody babies, screaming women. Fuck this war and the cowboys that started it.

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  • Wednesday, June 08, 2005

    The Peckerwood Files

    From the Peckerwood Files, todays guest columnist is MediumHeadBoy. MHB comes to us via
  • rightwingnews

  • There are many right wing sites out there and for the most part it becomes a violent pity party. Anyone who disagrees withthem are "trolls" and given various epithets. Give yourself a treat and visit one. (I often frequent RightWingNews). It will make you feel a lot smarter, but also scare you.

    If you are offended by wingnut collquialisms you might want to read his words with your eyes closed:

    Corny, why don't you get away from that computer once in a while and go out and find yourself a nice sheep? Or is your pecker stuck too far up Karl Marx's bunghole?

    by MediumHeadBoy on 2005-06-08 14:13:03

    Well done, MHB

    Kim du toit is an idiot

    Kim du toit should be take outback and beaten like a rented mule.
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  • Thursday, June 02, 2005

    Truth be told

    From the presidential files:

    "See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda."—Greece, N.Y., May 24, 2005

    For more Bushisms:

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  • Wednesday, June 01, 2005

    Think of this, HUMAN EVENTS, The National Conservative Weekly.

    May 1933, Berlin book burning

    "Where they burn books, they will end in burning human beings."—
    Heinrich Heine

    Read These Books

    Karl Marx: He's No. 1

    I had never heard of Human Events, The National Conservative Weekly. But when I saw a link
  • HumanEvents

  • to their website that advertised the "TEN MOST HARMFUL BOOKS OF THE 19TH AND 20TH CENTURY" I had to visit it. I am a sucker for lists. And I hoped I had read at least a few of them. I had. Here is the list, compiled from a panel of 15 conservative scholars and policy leaders. (More on that later)

    The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx and Freidrich Engles
    Mein Kampf, Adolph Hitler
    The Feminine Mystique, Betty Friedan
    Quotations from Chairman Mao, Mao TseTung
    The Kinsey Report, Alfred Kinsey
    Das Kapital, Karl Marx
    Democracy and Education, John Dewey
    The Course of Positive Philosopy, August Comte
    Beyond Good and Evil, Freidrich Nietzsche
    General Theory of Employment,
    Interest and Money John Maynard Keynes

    Finishing just out of the money is Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, Coming of Age in Samoa, The Population Bomb, and of course The Origin of Species.

    So who is Human Events? Ann Coulter for one. Terrence Jeffrey, editor, and former campaign manager for Patrick Buchanan.

    Now that I know what the wingnuts don't want me to read, I have a reading list.