Friday, July 15, 2005

What about the social security crisis?

When was the last time you heard about the social security "crisis" that had to be fixed to save Western Civlization? A long time, right? Well that is just further proof of Dubya's decline. Having spent all that political capital and coming up empty handed....

The death knell for the ss reform was quietly reported in the Washington Post by reporter Mike Allen:

Social Security Fades Into Fall


House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Thomas (R-Calif.) now thinks he may not begin consideration of Social Security legislation until September, an aide said. Thomas told an Associated Press reporter yesterday that, "The issue is dealing with more time-sensitive legislation first." He said Social Security "is not time-sensitive, and we are going to pass CAFTA," the Central American Free Trade Agreement, before Congress begins its summer break. Thomas, referring to a congressional trip to Cape Canaveral, Fla., that canceled votes yesterday, said: "There's no hang-up on contents. It's just how many days we got and how many space shuttles don't get off the ground."



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