Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Peckerwood Files

From the Peckerwood Files, todays guest columnist is MediumHeadBoy. MHB comes to us via
  • rightwingnews

  • There are many right wing sites out there and for the most part it becomes a violent pity party. Anyone who disagrees withthem are "trolls" and given various epithets. Give yourself a treat and visit one. (I often frequent RightWingNews). It will make you feel a lot smarter, but also scare you.

    If you are offended by wingnut collquialisms you might want to read his words with your eyes closed:

    Corny, why don't you get away from that computer once in a while and go out and find yourself a nice sheep? Or is your pecker stuck too far up Karl Marx's bunghole?

    by MediumHeadBoy on 2005-06-08 14:13:03

    Well done, MHB


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