Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Kim du toit is an idiot

Kim du toit should be take outback and beaten like a rented mule.
  • kimdutoit

    At 5:32 PM, Blogger Kim du Toit said...

    My old philosophy professor would have given you an "F" for making an unsupported assertion.

    Expand on my "idiocy", please -- with particular reference to why MY assertion (to let Africa sink) is an idiotic one.

    Otherwise I'm afraid you'd just be treated like any other feces-flinging monkey.

    At 6:12 AM, Anonymous infectious agent said...

    Kim, being as you are from South Africa you'll recognise this saying and, in this case it is highly apt.
    Dearest Kim, you sir are a doos. I'm so glad you are not poisoning my beloved South Africa with your misplaced vitriol. Does one need to expand on your idiocy? No, it is so self evident it is frightening that you do not see it. Your philosophy professor would indeed be proud that one of his students has turned into a Neanderthal. Best I go scratch my balls now, lest I be accused of not being a "man".

    At 5:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Enjoyed a lot! »

    At 8:43 AM, Anonymous Bernoldus Niemand said...

    To call Kim du Toit a 'doos' is an insult to all other 'dose'.

    Here is another description of Kim du Toit, which he might recognize: 'impimpi'.

    What I resent about this racist turd is that from time to time he presents himself as an 'anti-apartheid activist'. This claim of his is completely fraudulent.

    One only has to peruse his racist blatherings and his ecstatic descriptions of atrocities carried out by the South African Defense Force in Angola and Namibia to realize that this man has absolutely nothing in common with any other anti-apartheid activist.

    If Kim was ever involved with the anti-apartheid resistance in South Africa, it could only have been as a spy for the security police. He has the mentality of a pro-Apartheid whore.

    I don't care if Kim du Toit continues to spew garbage about guns and his predeliction for fascist movements, but this lying piece of shit must stop clothing himself in the garb of anti-apartheid activism. It is a gross insult to the many who suffered and died in their efforts to end this brutal system of racial oppression.

    At 7:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Kim du Toit is a man after my own heart. Having lived in Africa, he has tales to tell which every American would do well to heed. Otherwise, America is doomed to the same fate as Africa. Liberals don't have the integrity to sleep in the bed they have made. And they (obviously) don't read history or they would know that their pie-in-the-sky delusion has not worked anytime in the history of mankind.


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